Rejection or Redirection?

We all face the brutality of rejections in our everyday lives. Whether it consists of getting turned away on a job opportunity, a relationship, an internship etc.

Rejection is a hard thing to swallow. I have faced many rejections in my process but I have seen God’s faithfulness and redirection in the midst of it all.

Two years ago, in May of 2015 I returned from my first mission’s trip.

I went with a team from ORU to Paraguay where I stayed for two weeks.

Coming back my world felt entirely different.

My eyes had been opened to so many things and I began to seek God for new direction in my life.

I learned in the following months that God’s no isn’t a rejection, rather a redirection.

Sometimes God doesn’t give us the things we desire because he has a better plan.

You see, too often do we go to God asking him for the things we desire rather than the things he desires for us.

What if we were to shift our mentality from, “God would you please allow me to date this person, or go to this place, or get this job” to, “God, allow the desires of my heart to line up with the desires that you have for me.”

One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11,

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

He doesn’t want to harm us, but to prosper us!

After returning from my mission’s trip I had began to pray about some specific things that I felt God had laid on my heart.

I had a new-found interest in Human Trafficking and little did I know then how God would burden my heart for that specific area, and use me.

As I began praying, Germany was laid on my heart and I felt like God was calling me to go.

I began to research this country and speak with a few people who have been, when I learned that Germany was one of the largest “final destinations” that trafficked victims are taken too.

Going back to school in August of 2015 I applied for missions to Germany for the summer of 2016, and to my dismay I didn’t get placed on the team.

I allowed the rejection to discourage me and I didn’t go on missions that year and I had given up hope to go to the country.

Fast forward another year to August of 2016, the Lord continued to lay Germany on my heart so I thought I might try it again.

I applied with a program to study abroad in Germany for an entire semester in the spring of 2017.

Shortly after I submitted my application I was rejected from the program.


I couldn’t understand why God would burden my heart for a place but yet every time I tried to go I would get rejected.

I hate rejection as I am sure we all do, but this time I handled it differently.

Instead of allowing this rejection to discourage me, I saw this as an opportunity to ask God what is was he wanted from me.

I had been so caught up in wanting to go and I would ask God to send me, but never did I ask God when.

I wanted to go on my own timing and my own schedule so badly that I didn’t consider maybe this isn’t the right timing.

Perhaps God needs to prepare me a little more before I go. Perhaps there’s a better time I should go for whatever reason I cannot see.

So I waited.

Patiently and prayerfully, I waited.

Not long after my second rejection I was given the opportunity again to sign up for missions through ORU where they would be taking a group to Germany.

I avoided signing up for this trip because I was scared that I would again face the painful rejection.

But, eventually I was talked into signing up by a few of my peers.

I turned in the application card, and I prayed.

This time my prayer was different.

Instead of saying, “God, send me to Germany. I want to go and I know you have called me to go, so allow this to happen for me”

I prayed, “God, I know this is where you’ve called me to go. If this is the right opportunity open the doors for it to happen. If this is the wrong opportunity, close them and prepare my heart for the right one.”

Weeks went by.

It was now the night I had been anticipating, the reveal of the team I would be placed on.

I sat in my seat, so anxious. I couldn’t be still.

We were given “Airplane tickets” with a gate number, and at the end of the informational meeting we would find the leaders with the matching gate number to discover where we would be placed.

I held my ticket, closed my eyes, and whispered one last prayer.

“God, let your will be done.”

The leaders went up, and everyone was running across the room to find their gate.

I was left in tears.

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered, my gate was GERMANY!

It’s been a few weeks now since I have found out that I will finally have the opportunity to go, and my excitement only continues to grow.

My team and I would love your prayers in the coming months as we prepare to go and begin to fund-raise.

I have learned that God’s rejections may instead be a good thing.

I never thought throughout my process that maybe I could have missed opportunities if God would have said yes the first time.

I am so ecstatic to be going with a group of ORU students this May for two weeks.

God is faithful in his promises to you.

If you feel rejected or you’ve been there don’t lose heart.

Instead, change your perspective from “God, give me what I want!” to, “God, give me what you want for me.”

I can assure you God’s plan is far better than your own.


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