“Not my will, but your will be done”

This weekend I had the privilege of attending an awesome Easter production at Victory Christian Center, not just once, but twice. I’ve heard the story multiple times, as I’m sure we all have. But this time I took away something different.

Jesus knows that he is about to be crucified and he goes off to pray.  He laid there crying, and praying to his father, “not my will, but your will be done.”

I’ve read this so many times, I’ve heard the story, I’ve even watched other Easter productions- but this stood out to me.

Maybe part of my attention being drawn to this was because of the little boy sitting in front of me…

He turned to his Dad and said, “Daddy, why is Jesus crying?”

It was super cute, and I laughed.

But later in the night as I was sitting and reflecting on the play I had just watched I thought about that little boy’s comment.

“Why is Jesus crying?”

Well, Jesus was human… just like the rest of us.

And It was so apparent that he was experiencing all the different emotions that we feel in our everyday lives. I imagine he was scared, upset, maybe he didn’t understand why he was the one to go do this. I can’t tell you exactly what Jesus was thinking or feeling that night as he cried out to God, but from his statement I can assume he didn’t exactly want to go be nailed to a cross.

“Lord, not my will, but your will be done.”

However, in the midst of all the emotions- he is so quick to submit and obey.

I want to stop here and apply this situation to MY life.

When I’m faced will difficult decisions and difficult circumstances, do I let my desires and emotions control my actions or do I act like Jesus?

Am i quick to turn the other way and do what is easier? What requires less of me?

Of course it is tempting to do the easy thing. To make the easiest decision…

But do you think it was easy for Jesus to go to the cross?

Absolutely not.

When everything is against you, when everything in your life is going wrong, when you don’t understand why you are losing friends, why you are losing relationships, why you didn’t get that promotion, what are you going to do?

Are you going to be like Jesus? Quick to submit and obey?

Lord, not my will, but yours be done.

Or are you going to take matters into your own hands and try harder for that job? Or beg that person to be with you, only trying to make things workout your way?

The decision is yours friend, to be like Jesus, or to be led by your feelings and emotions.

It is hard to do.

And I will be the first to admit I have failed time and time again, but that’s the beauty in the cross.

We don’t have to be perfect, God gives us grace upon grace.

It’s okay to fail, but get back up.

Keep going. 

Press in, and press forward.

Even if you don’t understand things right now, one day you will…

Because Jesus didn’t stay on that cross. Three days later he defeated the grave.

And the same way God had this plan for Jesus, even though it was hard, he has a plan just for you too.

So can we make this our prayer? Our goal, to be just like Jesus?

Not mine, but your will be done, lord.


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