A dangerous yes

Yes; I said, as I climbed up a 30 foot pole. Only dependent on the teammates below me.

They held the rope to my harness in their hands as I climbed higher and higher, my legs trembling more with each step. One eye off of me or the rope and there was my death…. literally.
I climbed the pole and I made it all the way to the top. I stood on a wire hugging the pole and waited on my teammate to get to up to the second wire just inches in front of me. We planned to lean on each other and walk on the wires together. The further we walked the distance between the wires came wider, causing us to lean into each other more.

She made it up too. And we walked on the wires until our feet could no longer touch and we had to come down.

Today I was having lunch with my family and my pole climbing experience was the topic of conversation. I was CRAZY for doing that…
WHY ON EARTH would I put my life in the hands of others and do something so dangerous.

But months before the pole climbing experience, I said yes.
I said yes to Jesus.
I said yes to Germany.
I said yes to climbing 30 foot poles.

Whenever I said yes to Jesus, it was my most dangerous yes.

I said yes to fear, I said yes to pain, I said yes to being uncomfortable.
I said yes to growing, and being vulnerable.

It might not be safe, to go into the red light district and pour into the hearts of lost and hurting women.
It might not be safe, to go across the world and share Jesus to muslims and refugees.
It might not be safe, to climb 30 foot poles and walk on wires.
It might not be safe.
And you know what? That’s ok.

I said yes to being uncomfortable.
I said yes to making those sacrifices.
I said yes to the pain of rejection.

When I said yes to Jesus I said yes to not knowing. I gave up all control of my life and said Jesus you are the pilot and I’m only a passenger.

I don’t know what is on the other side of my yes. But I know In my sacrifice and willingness to say yes to the lord that he is faithful to protect and watch over me.
He who began a good work is faithful to complete it. And his plans are only to prosper me, and not to harm me.

In just one hour I meet my team of 9 other individuals and we begin our Journey to Germany.

It might be crazy to some people, but to me- it’s my most dangerous yes.


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