Broken pieces

A few weeks ago I was in Germany and you can leave it to me to break something. I was in the kitchen with my friend and I was talking away when I went to sit the glass lid of the pan down. Partially caught up in my conversation and partially just really clumsy I dropped the lid and it shattered on the floor.
My mind was racing “what do I do- do I run and hide and hope they don’t find out I broke it” “maybe I just tell them and clean it up”
Before I could say anything or make a move my friend immediately grabbed the broom and was quick to help me sweep up the glass before anyone else walked in the kitchen.

I know I’m not the only clumsy person. We’ve all dropped, broken, and shattered things at some point in our lives.
But sometimes the things we break aren’t really things.
Maybe they are people, or relationships.. or trust.
Whatever it may be- we’ve all missed the mark.

At some point, we’ve all broken something.

Maybe it was your parents. You were young and you only snuck out to be with your friends a few times. So you lied about it and you broke their trust. They haven’t trusted you for years and you are certain they will never trust you again.
Or Maybe it was a close friend. You betrayed them by telling their secrets and lost their friendship.
Maybe it was that relationship where you dropped the lid and the remains are laying shattered on the ground in front of you.

These things are real, and relatable, but what often goes unnoticed is that maybe the thing that is the most broken is you.

You dropped the lid. You broke their trust. You ruined the relationship.
You broke it.
You’re sitting there looking at the broken pieces..
What do you do? You didn’t mean to drop the lid.
Do you run and hide avoiding the issue?
Do you own up to your mistakes and hope for the best while trying to clean it up?

Just like my friend came so quickly to help me clean up my mess, Jesus is standing there with the broom.

He wants to pick up your broken pieces.
He wants to mend your broken heart. From the time when you failed that parent, that friend, that boyfriend/girlfriend. Or that time when that friend or that parent failed you.
He see’s all the pieces. Even the piece in the corner behind the door, he see’s it.
And He wants to restore trust with those people and heal your broken relationships.

But ultimately, more than he wants to do any of these things for you, he just wants you.
He wants you and all of your broken pieces.
You don’t have to hide in another room ashamed he might find the glass on the floor.
He already knows it’s there.
So stand there. Don’t run. Don’t hide.
Just give your broken pieces to Jesus.
His grace is deeper than all of the oceans.

You may have dropped the lid 12 times, but if you just stand there, he will sweep up all your broken pieces.


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