Off Seasons

Many of us, I dare to say most of us have been involved in a sport of some kind at some point in our lives. While some of us went on to be college athletes others left the memories of athletics in our past. While some of us played football, others were cheerleaders. It doesn’t matter the sport you played or the level at which you played it at, every athlete goes through an off season..

& The thing i know about off seasons through my experience is that off seasons are a time to prepare.

If you don’t use your off season to prepare for the coming season, when the season comes you may be sitting on the bench.
Off seasons are so vital and important in the training of an athlete. If u really want to be the best on the team, the off season is when you will put in the effort that others won’t.
I find this revelation so true in life.

We go through off seasons, in jobs, in school, and in relationships and what we do in that season determines the next season of our lives.
If you sit back and watch Netflix during your off season, chances are you’ll be stuck on the bench when it comes to the competition season.

The person who puts in the extra work will get the promotion.
The person who studied behind closed doors will get accepted.
The person who prayed and sought the lord will have the relationship you long for.

While the off season is vital for what our next season holds it shouldn’t scare you, it should prepare you.
There are a few things that I’ve learned that I’m going to share with you so that you may have fruitful and productive off seasons on your journey, and I call them the “D’s of success”..

Dedication + Desire = Destination

When no one is watching am I being the same person as when people are watching? Another way of staying this is,
Do I live one way in front of people for applause and another behind close doors?
This is very important in any area of your life.
When no one is watching on the job are you being the honorable trustworthy employee who deserves the promotion?
When you’re taking a break from your relationship are you bettering yourself for your future spouse or are you secretly reverting back to your old ways?
It takes dedication, on and off the field, the court, or the mats. It takes dedication behind closed doors and dedication in front of people, if you truly want to be the best and excel in the next season of your life.

Which leads me to the next “D”,
It takes desire to have the dedication to get to your destination.
Let’s be real, if you don’t have the desire to be dedicated to something your not going to reach the destination your striving for.
If you really want into that med school, or that healthy marriage the desire for it will fuel your dedication to reach the destination.
How do I find this desire you might ask?
Examine your heart.
What are your dreams and passions?
Those are your hearts desires.
Write down the desires of your heart, dedicate yourself to becoming that person or achieving that thing. And when times get tough and you feel like you lack the dedication look back and remind yourself what your desires are and be disciplined so that you can reach your destination.

Without desire you won’t have the dedication, and without the dedication the desire won’t flourish. 
No athlete ever got to be the best by watching Netflix and just showing up..
It takes desire and dedication + sweat and tears.

Good things don’t come to those who wait, good things come to those who get up and work for it.
So I want to encourage you today- not to despise and neglect, but to make the most of your off season..

Competition season is coming, and you don’t wanna be stuck on the bench.


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