To the cross

About a year ago I was going on a missions trip with a group of students from ORU.
Before our departure we were required to go through a week of missions training so we could be better prepared for what we may encounter during our trip.

During our training there were times where we would fail at an obstacle placed before us, we would get distracted or something would just go wrong.
When that happened our instructors would tell us, run……………

to the cross…
(yes there was an actual cross we had to run too)

We HATED it.
First we had to run….
The cross was a far run, lots of bumps, hills, and holes on the way, it was hot, we were probably frustrated or upset about whatever had went wrong.
I know I did not want to go to the cross..

However when we got there, it was peaceful.
We sat at the foot of the cross.
We gathered our thoughts. We laid our emotions out. We said a prayer and we picked ourselves up and we started over.

I’ve found myself lately, telling myself-
Run to the cross

When the feelings feel like a flood rushing in,
Go to the cross.
When you want to cry and scream and lose your sanity, go to the cross.
When you want answers…
The cross.

The cross is a place that you can run too.
The run there might be hard.
Maybe there’s hills you have to run up or things you have to leave behind.

But I promise you it’s worth it.

At the cross you find peace.
You find strength.
You find healing…
Restoration. Joy. Hope….

You don’t have to have it all together to come to the cross.
Actually, Jesus says “come as you are”
Hurting. Broken.

He wants all of you.
All of your broken pieces, your mistakes, your pain.
Every bit of it.
And he’s waiting.
Right at the cross for you to RUN to him and lay it all down.

I’ve been faced with the choice lately, will I run to the cross or will I run to comfort?
And let me tell ya- the cross wins.
Every single time.
It’s not easy. It’s very hard.
But I know every hole I jump over, every hill I climb I am so much closer to Jesus.

And this is my desire for you that whatever you’re facing or wherever you’ve failed..
That you would Run….. to the cross.

He doesn’t say run to the bottle,
Run to your best friend,
Run to your significant other.

But The cross.

There you will find your answers,
your hope to hold on too,
your strength to keep going,
and your joy for the morning.


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